Date: 3/3/2007 11:30:03 AM To: rispolibedding@msn.com Subject: puppies
Hi Michelle,
I'm not sure if you remember me, I bought a puppy from you 4 years ago. He was huge. I flew down from NJ because my older Shepherd was from the same parents, Maximus(Brian Rubenstein's dog) and Lady Shakira. I wanted to see if you were still breeding shepherds? I would love to breed my older dog Maximus because as you know these dogs have a great disposition. I know I am in NJ but I travel to Florida in my motorhome so I thought if you still were breeding and you had a female who wasn't in this bloodline maybe we could breed them so I could get a puppy from Max before it is too late. I also wanted to let you know that the puppy I got from you, Caesar, is still HUGE. He weighs 150 pounds and is not fat at all. He is a beast. A big giant teddy bear and every body loves him. We are really blessed and love these dogs tremendously.
Well let me know your status.
Talk soon,
To: Michele Rispoli Show All Subject: Re: puppies
Good to hear from you. I am happy that you are still breeding and keeping the bloodline going. I can't tell you enough how many people meet Max and Caesar and fall in love with them. They are such angels. I attached pix for you to see. The vet laughs each time I bring Caesar in and he weighs in over 150 pounds. He lives like a Caesar (ha ha).
Keep me posted on a new litter because I might come pick one up. I would want the biggest male of course. We bought a huge RV so that we can bring them with us everywhere. They are quite spoiled.
Take care,
Tell your son Caesar is in great hands!!
To: Rispoli Show All Subject: Kobold Update
Hi Michele,
I hope all is well with you and your family. We are doing wonderfully and Kobold is an angel. She is anywhere between 80-85 pounds (she won’t be still on the scales) and is maturing into a very smart, affectionate girl. I had to take her to the vet a couple of weeks ago because she was limping and she was diagnosed with Pano in both hind legs. The doctor put her on a week of Rymadil for the pain and she seems to be over it for now. It usually affects all the long bones and goes away when they reach maturity. It is very common in Shepherds and there is nothing to do for it except control pain and wait for her to outgrow it. This time I bypassed all the vets and went directly to the orthopedic vet – he says Kobold has excellent hips, by the way. I could guess that by all the running and acrobatics that she loves to do.
I wonder if you have been able to get your website up and running. People at the dog park always ask where Kobold came from and I have given your number to a couple of folks. Everyone compliments her striking beauty and friendly personality. Of course, I think she is the most remarkable dog in the world and I am very glad that I met you. Let me know how things are going for you and I hope to send new pictures now that my girl is a year old. You probably get hundreds of pictures from everyone that has your puppies, but it makes me happy to think that Kobold is special, so I make everybody look at her pictures. Sorry…….
Please keep in touch and thanks for everything!
Best Regards,
Thank you again for bring us togehter w/Mister. We never thought we would be able to find a K9 w/ intelligence like Gator. Mister learns rapidly and
his calm/ loving demeanor is wonderful. He has a 'espisode' 1/wk so far. Each time
analsty reveal it was 'feeders' error! So we're all learning-just not as fast as Mister-lol
He is in his puupy/teething mode- so everything is fair game to chew on. We supplied
him w/large raw hide(regular and compressed)-he has the buried throughout the farm.
Cute thing is-he is very secretive about his hiding places for his bones. He loves to read the news paper or is it that he just loves to tear it-page by page-:0)?
He does wonderful @ the Fire Station. Once I can sit down for more than 2min
We will send you a few pic of Mister and Gator. Mister seems to have put on a few pounds-even though he runs around 5acres. His coat has sudle changes already-mask and saddle. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift. Like our Vet said
"special people have kept this dog alive-when others would more easily have put him down"
Hi Michelle, How are you? This is Denise, I thought I would let you know how Champ was doing. I can't even explain how wonderful he is, he is the best gift we have gotten. He is so big, he's 12 1/2 weeks, and 38 pounds, and growing by the day. Both of his ears are completely standing, he has lost some of his baby hair, and today he was begginning to lose some of his baby teeth. Just the front tooth as of today. He is so good, and protective, follows us everywhere we go. We are getting the potty training down, he goes outside in the backyard, and at times inside, but only on the newspaper, nowhere else. He is so alert of things around him, even barks at the door when he hears someone pulling into the driveway. We have begun to take him to puppy training once a week for eight weeks. We have only done one class so far, and he was the youngest, but biggest puppy there. But let me tell you he was the best behaved, and listened to all commands, and followed them on first try. He was a model student, and I was such a proud mommy. The trainer even used him as an example to the other puppies. Well I think I can go on for days, telling you about him, he is just so loving, and such a good boy. He is really our Champ!!!! I have taken pictures of him so next e-mail I'll send you some. Hope all is well, and I want to again thank you for your great work with the Shepherds, and for giving us the opportunity to have such a wonderful addition to our family.
Take care,
Denise & Champ
My son settled on Freya for the puppy's name. She's a big hit with her new family and extended family, including Chloe's parents.
We took her to the the vet yesterday, and she checked out okay. She also hasn't shown the slightest sign of anxiety moving to her new home.
I haven't decided if we'll get a companion dog. As I mentioned, someone is almost always here, but we do all leave occasionally, and our experiences with Heidi's separation anxiety during those times were memorable.
We did leave Freya alone for a couple of hours night before last. She wasn't happy, but she didn't seem too distraught and hadn't destroyed anything, even though she had the run of the house, when we got back.
From: s kwiatkowski To: Rispoli Show All Subject: Pictures of Kobold at 6 months old
Hi Michele,
All is going well with baby girl, Kobold. She was 6 months old yesterday and weighs an amazing 60 pounds.
She is the perfect weight and in excellent health. She is still rambunctious but such a sweet tempered dog. The vet compliments her temperament and says it is from good breeding. She says most Shepherds she sees are very high strung and nervous. Kobold is friendly to everyone and is always ready for petting and play. We are extremely proud of her and love her very much. My old Lab, Angus, loves being with her and as you can see, she adores him. Everything is working out so great and we are lucky to have her in the family. Thanks for everything and I will keep you updated as she grows. Tell your son that we are taking good care of her.
Virginia y Carl To: Vom Barron's Pride Kennel Show All Subject: Re: View my photos on Yahoo! Photos
Now the dogs are able to be left without leashes on and Cleo is acting like a puppy again, Caesar is driving Cleo crazy, but Cleo is very gentle with Caesar. Soon Caesar will be the same height, Caesar does everything Cleo does, Cleo drinks watter, then Caesar drinks, they drink from the same bowl, no aggresion at all Regards
Mister is doing great!
He owns the whole 5 acres.
He is very verbal, if he could he would talk.
Wish we could get another.
His buddy (cat) had kittens(5). When they were tiny he would carry them in his mouth, only to have mom take them back. Now they all play w/him. Mister is a gentle giant w/them.
Now just wish I could get him to quit killing my chickens, ducks and geese!
But we Love him so
Thank you again
The Boyd's
From: Dawn C.
Date: 6/24/2008 6:06:30 AM
To: 'Michele Rispoli'
Subject: RE: Vom Barron's Pride Scheduling your visit
Well “Yogi’ had a wonderful first night. We brought him home and the minute I put him down in the grass he ‘used it appropriately.
Our 10 yr old female lab loves her baby and they played in the yard for a period of time before bed. They slept together in a secured puppy proof laundry room on their own comforter.
As we speak he is playing in the living room. Jim gave him an empty water bottle to play with. Yogi looked at it for a bit then began watching it with great intensity BARKING AND GROWLING before pounced on it. Eight weeks old and he has quite an intimidating little growl. Once he managed to get the bottle in his mouth he ran about the house very proud of himself.
I better go he is calling for me.
Hello Charles and family,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for referring us to Rick H.. He and his family just adopted a 12 week old female from us. He said that we came very highly recommended by you. Thank you so much.
Hope all is well with Mister and your family.
Take care.
Vom Barron's Pride Kennel
From: boyd
Date: 7/25/2008 6:48:02 PM
To: Rispoli
Subject: Re: Thank you from Vom Barron's Pride

You are welcome and thank you for raising your Pride!

The Boyd's
From: J E
Date: 7/28/2008 9:56:53 PM
To: Vom Barron's Pride Kennel
Subject: Roxy
I have meant to write you for some time now...after all, another one of your "babies" is almost six months old now. Our darling Roxy (surfing runs deep in our blood here) has been a wonderful addition to our family. It didn't take long for us to realize how smart she was, learning commands almost instantly. She puts the other dogs on the block to shame! With a firm "Stay", she will sit by my side, off leash, and watch patiently and quietly as other dogs walk by our driveway. People are always commenting how beautiful she is, usually after they are shocked by the size of her feet, pretty big for six months old!
She is constantly by our side, from the kitchen to the den, up and down the stairs as we go. She has spent the summer with Shelby, our oldest and they have become quite the pair. I don't know what she is going to do when Shelby goes back to school. Roxy has even found her bark and I am confident it will scare any would be prowlers away from our house!
Thank you again for Roxy! As you know, it took us two years to get over the death of our first "baby" who shared 14 wonderful years with us. Roxy is a joy and we are glad she has accepted us as her family.
I have attached a few pictures so please feel free to post this e-mail on your site so that others will know how truly wonderful your GSD's are!
Jon, Gina, Shelby, Abby, Brody and Roxy
German Shepherd Breeder Kennel References
From: Richard H
Date: 7/27/2008 9:11:15 AM
To: Rispoli
Subject: Re: Your new puppy
Good morning Tony and Michele,
She is doing fine. Unfortunately she was only home with us for a day and half before taking another long car ride back and forth to Inverness to pick up the kids. They are completely in love with "Cleo", the name they picked after nearly two full days of debate, bartering and bribery. Cleo, short for Cleopatra, also happened to my grandmothers first name. She is adapting very well and as you stated very well socialized and very smart. I have already trained her to stay in her bed when in the house along with "Stay" and "Down" commands. She is so receptive to attention she seems to enjoy the training, as well as I. I will send you some pics when I have spare moment.
Thank you again,
Rick H and Family
From: Rick and Missy
Date: 9/15/2008 1:24:43 PM
To: VomBarronsPride@windstream.net
Subject: Question...
I'm curious about something...my husband and I are possibly interested in another German Shepherd and came across your site. The name, Michelle Rispoli, sounds very familiar. Is it possible that I purchased a Shepherd pup from her about 9 years ago in Pompano Beach? If so, we still have the little (or gigantic) guy 9 yrs later and he's as healthy as can be. His paperwork is nowhere to be found, but I'm quite sure Michelle was the breeder.

At any rate, I see you have pups available, so we are having a "family discussion" about getting another.
Melissa R

Hi Michelle,

I did find the paperwork and you are indeed the person we got the puppy from in 1999. Gunnar has turned into a huge, but sweet dog. We lost our Boxer to cancer three months ago and have always said we would get another Shepherd if something ever happened to the Boxer. Rick is due home from Miami within the hour, and we are going to talk about it. I know he is on board with getting another Shepherd; however, we just got news that our tiny house in Ohio sustained some damage due to the wind storm last night. My uncle will assess the damage and let us know how much cash we need to come up with to repair the damage...ugh! If it is not hurricane damage in S. Florida, it's hurricane damage in Ohio..go figure!

Oh my goodness, I just read what happened to Barron, Sara and Roxanne. What a terrible tragedy! When I saw the pictures of Barron, I thought I was staring at our Gunnar.
I sure hope we can get another pup from you. We are so happy with Gunnar and his disposition is excellent.
Melissa R
From: Rick and Missy
Date: 9/27/2008 5:40:18 PM
To: Vom Barron's Pride Kennel
Subject: Green Collar Male - Update
Hi Michelle,
Just a quick update for you. We have named the green collar male, "Major." I know, it's not one of the names I mentioned to you before, but it suits him. He is the biggest sweetheart and has such a great disposition. We are lucky to have him in our home...Thank you! So far, his "brother" Gunnar has accepted him into the house and they have even taken their first mud bath together in the backyard. He is also wonderful with the children and has found his favorite spot in our king size bed already. Below are two photos I wanted to share (one of Major and one of your other "son" Gunnar).
Melissa R
From: Matt & Jodi
Date: 2/12/2008 6:53:05 PM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Dogs name
Hello Michele,
Just wanted to let you know that we named the puppy, "Atlas Von Zeus" - we will be calling him Zeus. I wanted to let you know in case you wanted to start calling him by his name. Hope all is going well
From: Matt & Jodi
Date: 11/29/2008 8:42:35 PM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Maximus from New Jersey
Hello Michele,
I have some sad news. Maximus died today at 7 years old. He started having seizures three months ago and with medication with thought we had it licked. Last night he had a reaction, almost like having a stoke, and today, on the way to the hospital he died.
Maximus was a great dog and we were blessed to have him in our lives. We will miss him terribly, including his two brothers, Caesar and Zeus.
I would like to thank you for allowing us to have such a great dog in our life, we will never forget him!
HI Michele
Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. It was such a surprise to us and he was much too young. I had really hoped Zeus would have had him for a few more years.
He had his first seizure about 4 months ago. We went to the vet and he tested positive for Rocky Mountain Fever (a tick borne disease). He had Lyme's about 2 years ago and was treated so this was a new battle he was fighting. The vet said that RMF can cause neurological problems like seizures. He said to treat that with Doxycycline and if we can control that we can control the seizures. Well he had about 6 more seizures in a 3 day time span so the vet said to put him on phenobarbital. We started him on that and as far as we know he only had 2 more seizures after that point. Well Friday night around 5pm Matt saw him acting very strange. It appeared as if he had a mini stroke. He couldn't really walk, he acted like he couldn't hear or see. This went on all night. We called the vet and they said if he is not acting like he is pain or having trouble breathing then wait and bring him in tomorrow morning. So I slept with him in the basement all night. He really didn't sleep and I thought he had a couple mini seizures. He just wasn't snapping out of it. So we took him to our vet who couldn't diagnose and then to a neurologist. The neurologist said he lost site in his one eye and something was going on in his brain. He said he didn't think he could handle anesthesia for an MRI and that we could leave him there and they could try medicine or we could take him home and try medicine. We took him home because I wasn't going to leave him in a strange place when he didn't even know what was going on. Well we thought he had fallen asleep and was snoring on the ride home but when we looked closer he was gasping for air. He went into a seizure. His body locked up and we raised him to the hospital but he passed in the car a minute before we made it there.
This was so sad, my heart just crumbled. I couldn't do anything for him. I do believe that he had a brain tumor. He really deteriorated too rapidly for it to be anything else. We will never know for sure though. It is so hard with dogs because we don't know if he was in pain and if so for how long.
We are getting insurance for Zeus and going to have him and Caesar checked regularly for Lyme's and RMF. Hopefully this won't happen to them.
Thanks again for the nice thoughts.
Jodi McGill
From: J E
Date: 1/7/2009 9:55:40 PM
To: vombarronspride@windstream.net
Subject: RE: Roxy
See how easy this happens! Now I have to apologize for not getting back with you!! I thought computers and e-mail were supposed to make our lives easier...no such luck, huh?
I hope your holidays were good and you got to spend quality time with your family. Ours was just fine and Roxy made her second road trip back home with us to SC (the first was this summer over July 4th). With all the luggage and presents in our car, she managed to have the best seat!
As it's been a month now since receiving your response, I'm happy to say that Roxy's Pano has gone away. We talked about it at length with our vet and managed it here and there with some pain meds. So much so that now with her first birthday approaching, we have introduced her to running with Gina when she goes out on her nightly jog. We have been anxious to do this but were cautious to limit Roxy's physical activity this first year. We only just started and don't take her very far, only about a mile. However, she loves every minute of it and Gina says she is a superstar as she runs right alongside Gina at a correct heel position. Gina bought her a harness collar that lights up as she really is so jet black and hard to see at night.
As far as the demodex, it started over her left eye and showed up a little bit around her muzzle. During those first few months, she was periodically breaking out in a red rash on her stomach. So, the vet was prescribing an antibiotic. Well, as you well know, a puppy's underdeveloped immune system can be susceptible to demodex any way. Gina feels like the antibiotics only lowered her immunity and the demodex was able to take over. Nonetheless, it has since cleared up near 100%! It didn't seem to cause her any discomfort so we had to laugh as the fur over her left eye was nearly gone and you can imagine how that looked against the rest of her black face.
She is laying quietly here on the floor next to me as I type this. I cannot tell you how much of a joy she is to our family! All I can tell you is our Christmas card we sent out to family and friends displayed all four "children" on it. She is just as much a part of this family as any of us.
As promised, I will find the vet receipt and get it to you. I'll send some updated pictures to you as well.
Again, sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Take care, I will talk with you soon.
Jon and family
From: Richard H
Date: 12/10/2008 7:45:01 AM
To: VomBarronsPride@windstream.net
Subject: Cleo H Christams photo
Tom and Michele,
Sorry we haven't updated you on Cleo's progress until now.
She is thriving and is a great family dog and she is especially good
at keeping the boys in their place. Great disposition and personality.
She is 70 lbs and still growing. Our sincere wish for a great holiday
for your family.
Rick H and family.
From: Rick and Missy
Date: 2/14/2009 10:52:25 AM
To: Vom Barron's Pride Kennel
Subject: Major - green collar male
Hi Michelle,
We purchased Major (the green collar male) from your last litter and although he's a complete stinker, we LOVE him dearly and wouldn't trade him for anything!
Unfortunately, we just lost Gunnar (the 10 year old we got from you in Pompano) to cancer and were hoping to get a little brother or sister for Major at some point in the future.
By chance, are you expecting a litter anytime soon?
Melissa R
From: Rick and Missy
Date: 2/14/2009 4:55:49 PM
To: Vom Barron's Pride Kennel
Subject: Re: Major - green collar male
Hi Michele,
Yes, please put us on a waiting list. We'd love to keep in touch with you and get another pup this spring (or summer). I think we will probably opt for a female this time, but we're not sure.
Major is a real pistol, but starting to learn a lot of commands. He has not been neutered yet, as our vet recommended we wait just a little longer (I'm not sure why??).
Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more information regarding the new pups!