From: F, Barbara J
Date: 2/28/2008 9:53:20 AM
To: Rispoli
Subject: Bradi S
Hi Michele,
I just wanted to touch base to let you know we LOVE Bradi. She is such a cute puppy and very smart!
She already knows how to sit & fetch her ball, she loves to bite my feet! we are trying to break her of that!
We are having a great time with her, she loves her mommy and daddy, always wants to be with us.
The vet thinks she is a great too, she goes for her second round of shots soon.
I will send pictures soon.
Barbara & David S
From: Tatiana To: Show All Subject: Captain Jack (German Shepherd)

Hey Michele!
I just wanted to write to you to update you on Captain Jack. He's doing very well here at home. He and Scottie (mini schnauzer) are always playing and creating chaos together. He's very playful and is already living outside. He's beginning to shed his puppy hair and is showing more and more adult hair everyday. He goes in for his last sets of vaccines October 13 and then I'll be able to take him out more. He's meeting new people everyday, as well as new friends. He's very friendly and happy go lucky.

Attached are a few photos of him I've taken. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful puppy! He's definitely the light of my life!!!

Hope all is well with your family as well as your pride.


Thanks for all the great photos. It was fun to see Hatch's family. Although she's fading weekly, our sweet Lana is still hanging tough so we'll put off (for a little while) adding a puppy to family. She still likes to toddle after the tennis ball, but now she lays down once she gets it. We would be very interested in your late summer litters. We're still more interested in a boy than a girl, but we'll see when the time comes. We might want to take a ride after the puppies arrive- where is your new home? I have to tell you, Hatch has been such a joy. He's so happy and tuned-in. He's always where the action is, loves children, and is very smart. Just a perfect family dog. Well, almost- he's such a shameless beggar!
From: Eric To: Rispoli Show All Subject: Re: Vom Barron's Pride Pups
Hi, Michele.
Thanks for showing us the babies (and bigguns). They're beautiful. We were impressed with how relaxed and friendly all the dogs were, we love the temperment you breed for. Just came inside from playing with Hatch, smelling the puppies on us got him frisky. Lisa realized after we'd been in the car for 10 minutes that we never took a DVD with time. Lisa liked the solid black girl, my son liked Grizzly. Honestly, there's not a bad one in the bunch. The new Chaos litter has peaked our interest as well- we're considering a big black male. That's actually become the biggest debate, what sex to match up to Hatch. As you can see, we've decided nothing!
Take care,
Hi, Michele.
I hope everything's going well. I thought this would be a good time to drop you a line, Shadow was neutered today. He's doing fine, still a little groggy. Hatch was a bit off his game today, he missed his little brother. The two of them get along great. Shadow is fearless and dishes out all sorts of abuse. Hatch puts up with it and sets him straight only when he has to. Hatch controls the rawhide chews and waits for Shadow to soften one up, then stands over the puppy and waits for Shadow to hand it over (which he does). Shadow just bides his time and sneaks up when Hatch lets his guard down- he's clever. The little guy is about 47 lbs. of lean mean puppy machine. He gets into all sorts of mischief and likes to be dirty. He fell in the pool a few weeks ago and just swam to the side and hoisted himself out. He's quite sweet and smart and listens very intently. He's a bit stubborn at times but he's getting more responsive every week. I can see a lot of Core in him, he's long and lean and leggy with a deep chest and a beautiful head. He's a beautiful boy!
Speaking of beautiful dogs, Hatch is just the best. Big and smart and always smiling. What a wonderful stroke of luck to find him, he's our boy.
I don't have any recent pictures but I've attached one from December. I'll send you more when we get a chance to snap some good ones. I'm also attaching a copy of the Veterinary bill for the neutering, I know you wanted proof before sending us the AKC paperwork. I'm thinking maybe Core's Shadow Vom Barron's Pride(kind of a mouthful), any suggestions or preferences?
From: Susan W
Date: 03/01/08 12:21:29
Subject: Sophie
Hi, just thought you'd like to know that Sophie is great, and we are all adjusting very well. She is so sweet and playful and adventurous, etc!!! We love her! I'm enclosing some pictures. They're not great, because she never sits still!, but you'll get the idea! Thanks again, Susan
Thank you very much for our cute little puppy....Here's some pictures on how she is doing. She is so precious.
- donna
Hi again. Thought you'd like to know that she saw the vet, and they thought she was perfect. She weighed 23 lbs., no problems, no worms, no flees, etc.....
Here are some new pictures. Don't worry, I will get her spayed in June or July. You did a beautiful job, and from your bloodlines, I know there must be other "Sophies" out there.
From: Beverly
Date: 3/30/2008 1:57:47 PM
To: 'Rispoli'
Hi Michele. Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you an update on the “puppy” we purchased from you in August. His name is MAX – he’s amazing – affectionate, smart, loving, high-drive – really wants to please and picks up on everything immediately – if we’re clear, he gets it. We are thoroughly enjoying him.
Here’s a photo of him Larry took with his phone about a month ago. He hasn’t been weighed for a while, but last time he was 75 lbs. We figure he’s about 85 lbs. Now.
Larry and I remembered that when he was neutered we needed to let you know and then you’d give us his “papers.”
He was neutered at 7 months of age – on February 5th to be precise – by Calusa Veterinary Center – Dr. Krawitz. I can fax you the bill along with his rabies certificate which was administered 11/3/07. If you need this documentation, please email me your fax number and I’ll be happy to fax this.
Hope you’re having a good day. One more tidbit – the other day Max had a loose stool and went more often than usual – twice during the day he opened the door to the garage (the garage door itself was open), let himself out to poop and then came back in. That was a new one on us. Amazing.
Take good care,
Vom Barron's Pride German Shepherd Puppies Referrals
From: Susan W
Date: 8/2/2008 2:49:20 PM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Sophie
Hi again. We got Sophie spayed this week. What do you want me to do with the papers?
She is a wonderful dog, at 7 months she weighs 64 lbs., just long and lean! Sophie has the best temperament, very loving & well behaved and of course, intelligent. And, she is so graceful. It's wonderful to just see her walk or run.
I'm enclosing pictures of our baby. Thanks again, Susan N
Hey there Michele!
I know I haven't sent photos in a while, that's because we haven't had any good photo ops :)
But we had an outing to the beach!! This was his third trip, but the first one I actually remember my camera! The guy in the photo with Jack is my boyfriend Javier, Jack's "dad."
I hope you and your family are doing great! and that your knee is getting better day by day!
Take care Michele!!!
Date: 6/16/2008 8:15:19 AM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Bradi S
Hello Michele,
My husband David & I received a puppy from you in February, Bradi. I have attached our bill from the vet that we got her Spayed as you requested.
I also attached a picture of her.
She is doing great and is a wonderful girl. She love's her Daddy, definitely daddy's little girl! She is about 50 pounds now and she will be 6 months old next week!.
She is very playful and very much a puppy!. We love her to death!. She loves to be on the couch with us and just learned she can jump on our bed, so now we are in trouble!.
We still have biting issue's, she thinks we are her chew toy, but she is getting better.
I hope all is well with you.
Barbara S
Date: 12/10/2008 12:05:16 PM
Subject: update on Raider
Hi Michele,
Sorry I haven't sent a Pic sooner,but Raider is doing wonderful.He is into everything,he is growing so fast he is 5 months today. I've never had a dog that is so smart,I'm so glad we found your kennel,and came to visit and pick him out when he was so young.He weighs 55 lbs now and he is very well behaved,we had a doggie door put in for him,now he comes and goes at will. I still put him in his kennel at night,we get in our bed he gets in his. Eventually I will leave the door open.He is my companion he is constantly by my side,again he is wonderful,I'm glad I picked him.
I will keep updating you on him and sent more Pics if you want them.
Sandra W
Date: 1/20/2009 9:53:19 AM
To: Rispoli
Subject: RE: Thank you from Vom Barron's Pride
Hi Michele,
Happy New Year!!
I am glad you enjoyed the photo's of Bradi. She has gotten so big within this first year. We took her to the vet earlier in the week because she was limping, she is fine, but she weighs 85 pounds now! We enjoy her very much, as you can see in the pictures she is definitely Daddy's girl, I am just second thought! I keep checking your web site and looking at the puppies, maybe one day we will get Bradi a brother, but not now, she is a handful!
I will keep sending pictures of Bradi !
Barbara & David .
From: Susan
Date: 2/18/2009 8:55:47 AM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Sophie
Hi Michele,
We are having real problems with Sophie. She keeps getting lame in both front legs. We've taken her to specialists and have had bunches of x-Rays, but no one agrees on the problem. She can be fine for weeks, and then bingo, she's limping again. Even when she looks like she's in pain, on her own, she's running and jumping over the furniture. She has special medication, but it doesn't help the limping. The doggie surgeon wants $4,000.00 in MRI's and surgery to fix what "he" thinks is wrong. He needs an MRI because nothing shows up in X-rays. However, we can't afford that as we've already spent a couple of thousand on this problem.
Does this sound familiar? Do you have any advice. She is so sweet and beautiful, although a complete wild woman. My husband & I would love to exercise her to relieve alot of her excess energy, but there are weeks that we can't take her out, due to this persistent limping.
Help! I might be moving to Atlanta in a few months due to the economy, or lack thereof, here in Stuart. Worse case, I don't know if I can take Sophie. Again, any recommendations of where she could go. My heart is broken over this, as is my husband's. Anything you can suggest would be welcome, or have you ever heard of this limping thing.
From: Susan
Date: 2/24/2009 9:07:06 PM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: Re: Sophie
Thanks again. I am so relieved about Sophie's diagnosis. I forgot the name that you had told me months before, Pano. This is obviously what she has, and the Vet in West Palm Beach confirmed it. This week she has been much better, but at least, I won't get so depressed when she limps a little. I can not believe what these local Vets wanted to do to her!!!
She is 2 inches taller and quite a bit longer than my 90 lb. shepherd, Natasha. But Natasha is a tank ( at age 11 she doesn't get much exercise). When I asked the "internet" about feeding her, because she didn't like the Nutro? stuff, they said she couldn't be a GSD because she was too big, among other ridiculous things.
This is all very reminiscent of my 6' 4" son, Bryan. He had the same growing pains and had to sit out an entire baseball and football season because his tendons couldn't keep up with his growth.
Sophie is a wonderful dog, and you have proven yourselves to be very conscientious breeders. I've had many "Pedigree" dogs before, but Sophie is the thoroughbred among them, a real show stopper and a real love! I will make every attempt to make her a part of my life, where ever it takes me.
I'll be in touch, Susan
Date: 5/6/2009 2:26:51 PM
Subject: raider
Hi everyone; 05/06/2009
Raider is doing wonderful,he is smart as a whip,at 10 months old he is a superior dog,when I say jump he says how high.As you can see by his picture,he is growing like a weed.He is very social with other dogs,loves to play and he loves the water,so much,I'm going to put in a small pool for him alone.
We are so glad we picked him,I like looking at your site and seeing his brothers and sisters.
Raider is the best dog I have ever owned,I should have bought two.Then I would need a bigger house.
I will keep you posted on his growth,now he is around 90 lbs.and growing every day.
Thanks for listening.
Sandra W