We would like to take a moment and thank all of our customers who have taken the time to update us on their pups and who have sent us photos to see our babies grow.
Thank you & thank you for giving the pups such wonderful homes.

Vom Barron's Pride Kennel Thomas, Michele and Tony Rispoli
John and Bear
From: Dark Knight
Date: 6/11/2008 6:55:08 PM
To: michelle Rispoli
Subject: Puppy Update -Dante
Hi Michelle and family!!!
It's been a couple months, so time for an update. Dante (named after the lead character in Devil May Cry) is doing fantastic and growing wonderfully in both size and personality. In my eyes, he has already checked "cute" at the door. Now just gets more and more handsome. People are always telling me how gorgeous he is.(I eat it up) Quick story...our local pet store had a GSD pup in the "window" and a few people were looking at him. We walked in and Dante stole the little guy's mojo. They lost their interest. I felt bad for him, but happily,I checked back and he was sold to a family two days later.
On to the good stuff!! He has great energy and strong ball drive. We went with German commands which he has down pat. In one of the photos, you can see my 5 year old daughter Alexis' face as she repeated "Bleib"(stay) to him. She accepts 'sitz' & 'platz', but 'bleib' makes her laugh. He obeys her which is so important here in our pack. I call him her guardian, they have taken to each other very well. Even though Dante sleeps in my bedroom, he protests if I tuck Alexis in without him being present.
Thank you again so much for him. The loss of Nitro last year still hurts, but Dante makes it more than bearable. We love this little guy!
Oh, just in case anyone is concerned, don't worry, the Frisbee is strictly for "fetch" not "catch" :-) It, along with a piece of burlap are our favorite toys. They are stored out of sight and don't come out every day so that when he sees me bring them out...He Knows it's a big deal and we are going to have some super fun!
  1. S. My other favorite out of this litter was Cayla. Glad to see she is doing well.
Enjoy your four legged companions all...C-ya
Hi michelle!!
Of course, you can use the letter and photos on your site. We (especially Alexis) would love to see it. Even though we conducted our "business transaction" with the puppy sale, I still go to your website amd see how you and all of your KIDS are doing. I look the "GSD colony" and marvel. I also liked seeing the new litter.
I had been planning on sending an update for a while and when I saw Cayla, I got motivated to get it done. Personally I think I suckered you LOL, I gave you some green paper that is nice to have, but you gave me something much much more. Thank you again for him, and thank you for giving me that call and invitation when he was brought back to you.
On Wednesday I was working a vehicle vs. perdestrian call (very very minor- not a single scratch or drop of blood) and one of our fireman walked pass my police car and noticed Dante on my computer screen. Long story short... I told him about Widow and Havick's litter so he should be calling you guys.
I included a pic of one Dante's early baths. Goodness he hated it, but no leash or getting stuck in a basin. With just a few a corrections as he tried to escape and now he just stands there and lets Alexis and I bathe him. I know he still hates it, but he loves that towel rub down and beef strip afterwards.
Anyway, again, you're free to use the letters and pics. We look forward to seeing our pack on the the big screen (our big screen anyway)
From: Arlene Y
Date: 6/26/2008 9:39:54 AM
To: 'Rispoli'
Subject: Koeni
Just an update. She is settling in well to the routine here. The first night was a little rough, but she is sleeping all night in a crate by our bed and is sleeping quietly. Goes out first thing in the morning and has now pretty much learned what “go potty” means.
She loves the kitten and the kitten is beginning to try to play with her instead of running. Two of the dogs are a little intimidated by her, the shepherd, Blitz is tolerating her well, trying to play a little, but is serious about protecting her toys from Koeni.
Starting yesterday, she began going to the barn with us and she stays with the other dogs in the tack room. We are keeping her in a large cage in the room to protect her from the dogs since we are busy, and to keep her from getting into something that could hurt her. She learned quickly to lay there and be quiet.
So, we are very pleased with her learning abilities. Just need to get through the initial puppy issues.
Will keep you posted. Hope all is going well.
From: Arlene Y
Date: 7/19/2008 1:47:23 PM
To: 'Michele Rispoli'
Subject: Koni Update
Just thought you might like a few pictures of Koeni. The first picture is over July 4th.
Next few are last week right after a rainstorm. This was within 1 hour of Koeni meeting the grandkids. They all appreciated the water and each other thoroughly!!
Final shots are from today, July 19th.
She’s growing like crazy, and is a real pleasure.
She has already learned to walk on a leash and to sit reliably. The “come” command is about 80% (attention span still isn’t perfect)
Housebreaking is virtually complete – one minor accident (puddle) in the past week. She consistently asks out when she needs to go.
The older German Shepherd is acting years younger just being around her.
If you get a chance, come see her.
Chuck and Arlene
Thank you John for your regular updates about Bear. Time and time again your calls came in to update us on Bear, and your words of encouragement truely touched us. You reminded us each time you called why we do this. As rewarding as it is to raise the pups, it is very hard work 7 days a week. No holidays, no weekends off, not even a sick day. Your calls always seem to come in when we needed them the most. I can't tell you enough what it meant to me to hear you say "good job kido, keep it up". Thank you and thank you for taking such good care of Bear. She is truely lucky to have you as an owner.

Thank you again,
Michele, Thomas and Tony Rispoli
From: Jessica F
Date: 4/18/2009 10:33:10 AM
To: Michelle Rispoli
Subject: Day 1

Well, the ride home was pretty hairy. I laid out across the bench seat in the van, and he crawled right up under my chin, and stayed there until we got home. He would tense up during turns, and bumps, but we'll ge him accustomed to car rides. He loves the yard. It was so funny to watch him follow Tim all over the place. He didn't have any messes in his crate, but Tim did learn about taking him outside immediately when he comes out of the crate. He finally ran out of gas at 10:15 this morning. Here's a pic of when he finally shut down. I'll let you know how his vet appt. goes today.

Take care,
Gunter - Anarchy and Core Litter 2009
From: @comcast.net
Date: 5/7/2009 9:17:58 PM
To: VomBarronsPride@windstream.net
Subject: Bunker update
Hi Michele,
Bunker is doing Great!! He has gained some weight and is getting so big. He is learning how to go outside by himself to go potty. He seems to be smart. When he comes back inside he will wait for a cookie. He is starting to play well with Gracie our Beagle. When he first came home, she didn't want anything to do with him. She was constantly on her guard and didn't want him near her at all. Snoop our corgi is still getting use to him and still guarding his territory.
Bunker is so curious he is constantly getting into things and trying to climb up on things. He is constantly scratching at his food container day and night. We keep all the dog food in this large bin. His is in his eukanuba bag and the other two have their own food as well. He loves his squeaky toys, he just got introduce to a nyla bone we let him have it for about ten minutes and then take it away. The vet said that it was soon time for him to lose his baby teeth.
Well he just recently got his bordetella vaccine and parvo and distemper vaccines. He is already 22 pounds and his ears are starting to stand up. We got his ears checked and his fecal tested and both came back neg. Everything checked out well. My vet said he is a handsome young growing boy. Everyone can tell by his feet that he going to get huge. I hope he reaches over the 100lb mark.
I attached a few pictures. A couple of bunker and 1 of Baron, that was his favorite place by the pool. Whenever my dad would clean the pool Baron would follow him around the patio and watch him while he worked. I'll be sure to update you with more photos as he gets bigger.
Their beloved Barron
Bunker - Anarchy and Core litter
Date: 5/27/2009 6:54:24 PM
Subject: Bunker
Yes he is 3 months old, his ears are standing and he walks like a lion, a very proud lion. Thank you again, he is beautiful. The cds we received for pictures of Bunker would not run will you check and see if you have a copy. I will e-mail a picture of Bunker with his ears up.
Gunter - Anarchy and Core Litter 2009
From: Colette
Date: 4/26/2008 1:07:59 PM
To: alwaysworking@windstream.net
Subject: Cayla
Dear Michele;
Just a quick up date on Cayla, she is such a darling- We love her to death. The first night she didn't sleep at all, and unfortunately broke her tooth on her crate, but I took her to the vet, and they took her canine out. The vet loves her-she says she is going to be huge- and loves her face- she says she has perfect features. The second night she slept much better, and from then on has been fine. She loves her older sister Niya. I think she knows she is also a German Shepard. She weighs 16 lbs now at nine weeks. I have taught her to sit, down and come already. She knows what outside means, and is starting to walk very nicely on a leash. In 1 week she has only made three mistakes, and that was my fault, because i didn't take her out straight after a long nap. I love her- and everyone that has seen her loves her. You will see two photos attached to this e-mail- just click on it to see Cayla.
I am so glad we bought Cayla from you.
From: colette
Date: 5/16/2008 10:08:10 PM
To: alwaysworking@windstream.net
Subject: Update on my babe Cayla
Hey Michele
Just wanted to share some good news with you. Cayla is now going to the door every time she wants to go out. She is so very smart. She is also eating like a Parana fish. I am now feeding her 3 cups a day and she is finishing it before our other dog. My mother in law takes her to her high school, so she gets socialized a lot. My friends have come over several times with their dogs and the dogs have a play date. The other day I took her into a Walgreens in a shopping Cart= she loved that. Everyone thought she was adorable. I can't wait for the Summer so I can be with her even more. I am registering her for her puppy class next week. This weekend we will be getting her Rabies Shot, and we will be going to the beach with them. As you can see we are adoring her and we are so thankful to have her in our lives. Thanks again for bringing her into our lives. Here are some more photos.
Colette, Neil and Cayla.
Dear Michelle;
Just thought I would drop you a line on how Cayla is doing. She is now almost 6 months old (45lbs), and has just graduated from puppy begginner class, I am starting Intermediate obedience with her next week Monday. She is so very smart and so very willing to please. She knows sit, down, stay, come, and fetch and paw. (Still working on jumping on me when she is excited to see me-LOL-hopefully will get it under control before she hits 85lbs) We go for a walk every day, and all the nieghbors love her. I gave your card to someone the other day, who said they wanted a blk and tan female just like her. The vet said she is gorgeous-she has had all her shots for the year and is on heart worm prevention. I am now looking into spaying her and checking her hips. I will fax that over as soon as I have it taken care of so to get her pedigree papers- I want to add it to her scrap book. I entered her and her "sister" Niya into a SPCA calendar competition- hope she gets chosen for one of the months will let you know if she does. She like to lie on the couch with me and shares my pillow like a human- she has such a personality. Here are some photos of my gorgeous and very spoiled baby face Cayla:
From Colette, Neil and Cayla
Date: 3/18/2009 1:49:04 PM
To: Michele Rispoli
Subject: GSD: Captain Jack
Good Afternoon Michele,
It's been a while since I last updated you on Captain Jack. He's doing
very well. He and I moved back to my parents' house so he's back to
having Scottie to play with all day! Here are some photos one of my
friends took of Jack. Enjoy!
Captain Jack - Anarchy & Core litter 6-2006 See More of his photos on the Customer updates continued page
From: Jasmine H
Date: 07/16/09 20:18:04
To: alwaysworking@windstream.net
Subject: RE: Zar
Just a note to let you know all is well. Zar acts like she has been in our family forever. She gets along great with my big girl and she has yet to have an accident in the house. It's been terrific. One day when she can stay still for a minute I will send you a better pic. Take care, Jasmine
From: Jasmine H
Date: 08/01/09 12:25:35
To: alwaysworking@windstream.net
Subject: I have ears